Electric vehicle are a massive improvement on comfort, performance, and emission reduction. To reach their full potential they must be able to easilly handle occasional long distance trips, without a huge bump in costs or time.


We aim to optimise the embedded energy storage to usage. Long distance needs a huge amount of stored energy, we adress the problem using modularity. Be light and efficient for daily commute and local life, rent a power bank for long distance occasional trips.

The Tenders show several advantages:

– It charges while driving. Battery version is swappable on the way, Gas version refills in minutes.

– It is shared, cost per user is reduced compared to any embedded solution: Plugin hybrid, large battery of fuel cell.

– It is convenient and simple (automatic hitching, easy backing maneuver: see patents).

– It is adaptable to any vehicle able to tow a light trailer.

Our vision of the vehicle of the future:

Clean, connected, autonomous and designed for daily usage.

On long distance trips, an autonomous power module attaches automatically, and provides the extra energy needed. It is dropped back to the Tenders pool as soon as it’s job is done, to serve any other car.

Tenders not used on the road, will provide grid services.

If you want to get involved in the development of this vision, please contact us.