Battery Tender

We are currently developping a battery Tender with a capacity of 36.5kWh. Our goal is to reach a capacity of 60kWh within 5 years. The advantages of the battery Tender are huge:

Swappable battery extension

A discharged Tender is exchanged with a charged Tender in one minute: equivalent to a charging of 3.6MW/h

Deferred charging with carbon-free enery:

The charging of the Tenders is deferred in demand-response mode: use of renewable energy, reduced impact on the electricity grid infrastructure.

Offer services to the electricity grid:

The Tender fleet is aggregated and offers services to the electricity grid: frequency regulation, storage, peak shaving, buffer battery for charging stations.

Rescue service when « out of juice »

The Tender alleviates range anxiety by offering rescue services to EV’s out of juice: send stranded cars back on the road in one minute, stay on your itinerary whilst the tender finds its way to you.

Zero noise, zero emission genset

The tender fleet acts as a zero noise, zero emission genset for construction sites, music festivals or emergency sites: reduction of emission and noise in urban areas, increase sensibility to environmental causes.