Electric vehicles offer a massive improvement in comfort, performance, and emission reduction. To reach their full potential they must be able to easily handle occasional long-distance trips. Carrying an embedded 90kWh battery all the time presents many burdens regarding environmental life cycle impact and cost.

EP Tender aims to reconcile marginal utility with cost by using pay per use marginal cost.


Be light and efficient for daily commute and local life

Rent a power bank for long distance occasional trips

Use the energy stored in the Tender cloud to power your house

Batteries as a Service


Enabling transition towards renewable energy.

Toit panneaux solaires

Store the renewable energy from your solar panels in the tender cloud. Use this energy for personal consumption to power your house.


Leaving on holiday? Book a Tender in advance or pick it up on your way, it has been charged by households like yours eager to make the transition towards renewable energy happen.

If you wish to get involved in the development of this vision, please contact us.