Our team


Motivated to facilitate long trips with electric vehicles, we share and put to work a various set of skills.

Installed in Poissy (78, France), we develop the machines and services, backed by the expertise of the local companies ecosystem.

Our talents are focused on mechanial design and tuning, electrical system devlopment and integration, design and coding of the control algorithms, modeling and managing the rental platform and network, and equipping our client cars with the additional charging interface.

Jean-Baptiste Segard, CEO, is the company founder. Graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, he worked from 1958 to 2012 in the asset management domain.

Hugo Basset, Data science and simulation engineer (Polytechnique, Berkeley)

Vincent Baudier, Mechanical engineer (ENSAM, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Jingwei Zhang, Embedded software engineer (ESIGELEC)

Ahmed Gharsellaoui, Embedded software engineer (ENETCOM)

Zied Abidi, Electronic engineer (ENSIT)

A consulting commitee advises the company in its development

Bertrand LARGY, former Electric Powertrain and Battery Expert Leader at Renault

Philippe DOUBLET, former R&D General Secretary at Renault, expert coach for the European H2020 SME instrument program

Johanne ULRICH, Investor & Startup acceleration EIT InnoEnergy

Gilles VAN EEGHER, former PSA’s head of Europe homologations

Philippe CHAIN, EV strategy consultant, formerly at Tesla, Audi, Renault

Eric MORGAIN, strategy consultant, and expert at the MOVEO mobility competitiveness cluster

Geneviève HOURIET, Research Engineer at EDHEC Business School

Jean-Baptise SEGARD, EP Tender founder