Energy storage

Your stationary tender: a virtual powerplant


Our Tenders are charged in a deferred carbon free manner. The Tender fleet can thus offer services to the electricity grid.


  • Frequency regulation
  • Supply where demand is
  • Buffer battery for charging stations
  • Storage for self-consumption
  • Peak shaving
  • Mobile charger

EP Tender: a great tool for mass storage

Energy companies like EDF are starting to invest with conviction in electric storage!
Our Battery Tenders will be both decentralized aggregated storage, and range extender, allowing the deployment of versatile and mass market EVs.

This will leverage EV storage:  fifteen 40 kWh EV  for each 60 kWh Tender!!

For the cost of one kWh of Tender we obtain 12 kWh of induced storage !! (60 + 15 * 40) / 60

Assume 10,000 Tenders and 150,000 customers. The storage capacity induced is 6.6 GWh, for the cost of 600 MWh.