EP Tender: a great tool for mass storage

Energy companies like EDF are starting to invest with conviction in electric storage!
Our Battery Tenders will be both decentralized aggregated storage, and range extender, allowing the deployment of versatile and mass market EVs.

This will leverage EV storage:  fifteen 40 kWh EV  for each 60 kWh Tender!!

For the cost of one kWh of Tender we obtain 12 kWh of induced storage !! (60 + 15 * 40) / 60

Assume 10,000 Tenders and 150,000 customers. The storage capacity induced is 6.6 GWh, for the cost of 600 MWh. The cost is divided by 12.
I do not pretend that this is enough to completely replace dedicated fixed installations, but it is a proxy to consider seriously.

The end of the article states: “The group (EDF) has decided to double its research and development efforts in this sector to 70 million euros over the 2018-2020 period. company “EDF New Business” will devote 15 million euros, one third of its investments, to projects and start-ups related to electrical storage and flexibility. ”

Let’s go !

Stockage de l’électricité : les grandes manœuvres d’EDF


  • Will Eisinga

    25 February 2020at19 h 00 min

    Great idea. I want a contract with EP Tender,
    solar parks along highways and EP Tender.
    plug in and drive on the sun. as far as you want.
    I want one at home for storage from my solar panels.
    I want one . Where can I buy an EP Tender.

  • Will Eisinga

    28 February 2020at12 h 21 min

    Great Idea. with EP Tender riding on Sun Power stored in EP Tender.
    how far can you go? go everywhere. on and off 1 minute. and go for it.
    EP Stations with Solar parks,
    one hectare produces 1 million kWh a year.
    production garantee 30 years.
    an EV rides 6 km per kWh.
    6 million km per hectare Solar Park.
    makes 15 times to the moon.
    business oppotunity, a lot of profit with Solar Parks and EP.

  • 2 June 2022at8 h 45 min

    The whole concept is visionary and a game chamger. Most people cannot afford premium Ev’s and the legacy car.manufacturers supported by the fossil.fuel industry are determined to squeeze as.much from the general public as they can. Like many other UK residents I have bought a Renault Zoe and a 22kw or40kw is affordable on the second hand market. EP Tender will mean these cars will extend peoples idea.of a holiday or business trip. It’s going to be all about how the idea is.sold to the public. It’s simplicity is the unique selling point that could transform personal mobility from aspirational large Ev’s at €40-50,000 to €10=20,000 affordable cars
    As a classic car owned of a mini I feel we have forgotten that personal mobility used to be about getting from point a to g in an economical and fun way.
    As someone who adopted and applied renewables for the last 20 yrs I applaud you for coming up.with this design. I too want one at home as a home battery storage device. It makes so much sense to use at home day to day and then when you need to cover a long journey then hitch it up and go.
    Please don’t forget the UK as a potential early addopter. I think you will find a strong core of.people who drive NIssan leaf and Zoe’s who will welcome this innovation. I have a space at home waiting for an EP Tender

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