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Los Angeles Clean Tech Incubator (LACI) and California Clean Energy Fund have announced the finalists of the California Climate Cup . We are very proud to announce that EP Tender is one of the three finalists in the category Energy / Transportation Nexus . The final will take place in Los Angeles on September 10.  Category winners will be invited for the final round in front of world leaders, at the Governor’s Global Climate Action Summit taking place in San Francisco on September 12-14....

Energy companies like EDF are starting to invest with conviction in electric storage! Our Battery Tenders will be both decentralized aggregated storage, and range extender, allowing the deployment of versatile and mass market EVs. This will leverage EV storage:  fifteen 40 kWh EV  for each 60 kWh Tender!! For the cost of one kWh of Tender we obtain 12 kWh of induced storage !! (60 + 15 * 40) / 60 Assume 10,000 Tenders and 150,000 customers. The storage capacity induced is 6.6 GWh,...

"Automobile Propre" describes our plans (in French).