2040 Ban


The 2040 ICE sales ban is no longer anecdotical, and shows considerable momentum in favor of clean mobility.

But the challenges are huge, and the path to 2040 is unclear regarding massive batteries on board the cars, massive charging infrastructure and its fit with renewable energy production and distribution. In the same way, H2 deployment & fuel cell vehicles face a cliff of investments before reaching the right scale (compounded by the moving target of battery progress).

Solving range and cost targets simultaneously in a monobloc approach is an over constrained problem having no solution with batteries.

Modularity is a great solution for this purpose: add a shared energy module on demand, for peak usage only (2% of usage). (see previous posts or www.eptender.com) Make the Tenders self-mating to the car, available widely, and there is hardly any argument in favor of the monobloc approach. Some people will prefer to pay more to own and carry everything at all times, but this will become a luxury…

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