Next-generation Dacia Sandero will have EV option

Imagine, in 2027-2028, an e-Sandero with a 40 kWh battery for daily use (150 km on the freeway) and 100 kWh for long journeys (450 km), recharging 60 kWh (300 km) in 2 minutes, keeping its trunk and payload, and costing less than 20 k€.

Could it be a hit and make a major contribution to achieving the environmental objectives (2035 and CAFE 2030)?

Let’s try it out in real-life conditions to see how transparent the user experience is, how well it meets the real needs of the middle classes, and how well it complements other charging solutions. The need has become obvious (!) and the timing is perfect.

To see this Sandero in action:
And here is a 2′ description:

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