It’s key to use batteries wisely

Nature’s editorial: « Batteries are crucial for Earth’s low-carbon future. It’s in everyone’s interests to make sure they are clean, safe and sustainable. »
I’m adding: it’s also key to use them wisely, with the highest utilisation rate, rather than having very large batteries stranded into large (and heavy) EVs!
An EV is used 5% of the time and long distance trips is 10% of that. The long range part of an EV’s battery is thus used 0.5% (!) of the time…
EP Tender’s shared battery is used 90% of the time (EV range extending, mobile charging, zero emission generator, grid services).
The utility ratio of usage is 1 to 180 !
No better way to make batteries sustainable for the Earth’s low-carbon future and to enhance EV adoption with affordable and convenient solutions !

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